Case Studies

Attorney Website Design



Pretty standard older style of creating websites. Lots of text, crammed together, no strategic use of white space, or any real emphasis on important parts of the page. Kind of boring and doesn’t really showcase the quality of service provided. 


Better use of spacing between sectional areas, better call to action and imagery. SEO focused sections and headers, and a sleeker responsive design that will be regularly updated from day to day, at no extra expense. 

Charity / Non-Profit Website Design and Development


New Site

Starting a charitable foundation can be one of the most rewarding things you can accomplish. If you are not prepared to manage events, sales (eCommerce), volunteers and accept donations, and do it in a modern and functional way, then you could lose a lot of ground unnecessarily. 

Some features of CamronsCure website design:

  • Ability to view events and buy tickets online
  • Ability to donate on the website
  • Ability to volunteer for events and for the foundation
  • Showcase specific Social Media campaigns (like the pie in the face challenge)
  • eCommerce – sell donated items on the website

Online Ordering System for Restaurants -
Website Development



Century House had a really basic website that was difficult to update and utilized a very old style. They needed people to be able to order from the restaurant online, but also to be able to order from their Epicurean Shoppe as well. Our Website as a Service offering was perfect, since they wanted the specials online as well, and no one else offered to work with them on that capability. 


Not only did they get an online ordering system built into their restaurant but they also got a fresh new look for their website, modern and always kept up to date, with the help that is often required with any type of eCommerce, all for one low monthly rate. 

Construction Website Design


New Site

After 15 years in business I.K.E. Construction still did all of their work from referrals and Facebook posts. Stepping up their game to a professional site has helped increase business, and having landing pages built specifically for ads has helped conversion, and reduced the amount of clients they had to say “yes” to, and improved the quality of clients as well. 

Restaurant Website Design -



Severely outdated and not at all representative of the quality of food and service. Wanting to attract new customers and a following, as well as add some cool modern features and mobile friendly attributes, they contacted us. 


Keeping the same theme colors, ideas and branding, we built the site around the feel that we got from the business themselves. In about a week we had the new site ready to showcase. Fresh with the ability to order online with our online ordering system, tailored specifically for restaurants, built right into the system. 

Construction Website Design


New Site

After doing business out of his home, and then a shop, for almost 30 years, Don decided that he wanted to grow their clientele and push for lucrative and sustaining clients that wanted to work with an established contractor. 

The problem was that all new clients wanted to see his website to do research. Telling them he didn’t have a website, and carrying around a physical portfolio impacted the clients that he was able to work with. A new site really captures the essence of his business, and the abilities and expertise that he brings to the table. He is now referred by banks, and other businesses that he works with because he can send them to a website he is proud of online. 

Re-seller Website Development


New Site

Looking to a businesses own website designs can often be a good indication of whether or not they will provide you a good, and consistent website. 

We provide separate hosting as well, and the same care goes into our websites as our clients. Notice on all of our sites we have:

  • SSL (secured for security and SEO)
  • SEO optimizations with headers and content
  • Premium styles and imagery
  • Well thought out layouts and text
  • Complex forms, chat, popups, eCommerce and advanced functionalities

A Few More Case Studies (Coming Soon)

Some upcoming case studies that are being worked on

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Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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