Initial Findings

Old Site

When we were introduced to Brookwood there were the typical things that had gone wrong with many websites. 

  1. Drastically behind in feature and security updates
  2. The website was attracting poor level of clients looking for bargains and wanting cheap service
  3. The sticky menu was broken
  4. No longer worked on mobile devices
  5. Form submissions were no longer working
  6. No one had access to the backend
  7. Features like YouTube videos didn’t work or were displayed incorrectly
  8. It was less than a year old but the style was already out of date
  9. The before and after slider no longer worked
  10. Gallery plugin/page was broken


The Solution

Our WaaS model was exactly what they needed to stay up to date and ahead of the competition. With very little up front cost and the “as a Service” feature allows them to always have an up to date site and the ability to make the changes they need. 

We built both sites for them and also helped them with their advertising, creating custom landing pages for specific types of ads. 

Check out each site by clicking on the image.

The cost of advertising has gone down with custom landing pages for the ads, and the value of the client has gone way up, from people looking for a cheap mow, to clients who appreciate and understand they need to pay for quality service and work.