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Tired of hiring low quality website designer and developers, only to go live and then have it need updates almost immediately? The sad truth is that a website is never finished, and it is never perfect. Trends, people and technology change constantly. Your website should keep up. That is why we started Website as a Service (WaaS). Where you have the website that makes the competition envious... and stays that way.



Brookwood had a relatively broken site from a web development company that took their money and left them with a website that half worked, and was outdated in less than a year.  YouTube video that didn’t work, broken links, outdated and broken plugins, no one was getting emails from the contact form, and advertising was out of the question because they had no one to build the landing pages, or optimize the site for them.

They had great ideas about what they wanted to do to improve their website, but was not thrilled about having to manage the site on their own, and risk having multiple sites they would have to keep up to date… Read more

Keep the customer happy

Our philosophy is simple. Keep our clients happy. We invest a lot of time and effort into our partners right off the bat. The effort we put in initially keeps us motivated to keep performing, and to keep improving. 

This is why we do not have contracts. We want our clients to stay with us because they love us, not because they are contractually obligated.  We let our website design and development team create the site with modern but relatable esthetics for the new web. Focusing on mobile friendly design and great imagery. 


All plans come with these premium features. 


We will take current site, or information, and create a custom designed website tailored to your business. Complete with modern styling, responsive design (for mobile and tablets) and the newest features available. Rewritten and formatted with SEO in mind.


Utilizing the best of cloud based technology, CDN, and web application firewalls, you will never have to worry about your site being slow or going down. You’ll also never have to learn what cloud based technology, CDN or a web application firewall is, to benefit from it, either. 


Websites are built on technology. Technology that is constantly changing. New design standards, methodologies, preferences from browsers, etc. There are also constantly new security threats, updates, adjustments and features. We take care of all of that.


If you need help, have a change, running a new ad campaign, or just want to chat with someone about an idea, we are here for you and will respond within 24 hours, but most of the time we can stop right what we are doing and help you out. 


We know that some businesses will want to update their own content more regularly than we can. That’s why we will provide personal assistance and video demonstrations of site functionality.


We do not have a contract. There is a small setup fee, illustrated below, and a monthly charge to keep it all going. We know that things change, so if you decide to leave we also have buyout plans where you can purchase the website.

Our Up Front Pricing Options

Our simple plans are designed to fit most needs, but we have custom options available as well for more complicated needs for your business.



per month

$800 setup

  • Website Design Always Kept Modern
  • All Included Features +
  • 2 Design/Content Change Requests (per month | up to 30 min each)
  • 2 Custom Landing Page Designs (per year)
  • Up to 10 Pages and Posts
  • $3,000 – $5,000 Website


per month

Starting at $1,750 setup

  • All Premium Features +
  • eCommerce Setup and Config (up to 30 products)
  • Increased Security Enhancements (PCI-DSS compliance certs)
  • Premium Online Marketing Assistance
  • More Premium Features
  • $10,000+ Website

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Popular Website Presence Building Packages

A website isn’t just a pretty face. You also have to drive traffic to it for it to be worth the effort. In case you are looking for options to help with that, we have you covered.

The packages below are designed to give you a massive boost for the first 3 months, and then either taking it from there yourself, or continuing on with a lower plan, starting at around $500 per month for ongoing upkeep and services.
SEO – 3 Month Dominate


Complete customized advanced 3 month SEO package to rank and dominate for keywords from gap analysis

3 Month Package

  • Custom Strategy Based On Keyword Research And Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Professionally Written Optimized Blog Posts
  • Super Onsite Optimization
  • DA 30+ Link Building
  • DA 30+ Guest Blog Posts
  • Press Release To All Major News Outlets (20 – 90+ DA)
  • Lots more to help you rank fast!
Facebook PPC – 3 Month Dominate


Complete and comprehensive FB campaign management where we build out over 100 ad variations, landing pages and audiences to find the best results for the lowest ROI

3 Month Package

  • Build And Test Videos
  • Build And Test Graphics
  • Design, Build And Optimize Landing Pages
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Full Competitive Analysis (Spy On Competitors)
  • Ongoing Optimization For Best ROI

Join the web development revolution

No Commitment. No hidden fees. No more worrying about updating your website.

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